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Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or feedback you have regarding any of these photos or this site. If you have interest in using/printing one or more photos, please contact me for further information.

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Guestbook for Mark Duke Photography
Hello Mark,
When did you make this shot? It's very good. I've seen so many pictures of that canyon and shoul dsay that a snow brings additional drama.
Hi Mark!Absolutely wonderful. I´m overwhelmed. I have to admit that you make amazing pictures!! You really do! I wish I could be as talented as you are. keep up doing great job!
Suzie Smith(non-registered)
Had no idea you had this talent. Just thought it was a fun hobby for you! These photos are unique and beautiful.
Coming from DPR Pentax SLR forum (Silkypix workflow). Congrats on your photos, very nice work! I am a s-pix user too, and i can say your photos have that s-pix "touch"! :) Keep up the good work!
Cary Shelton(non-registered)
You make me want to take my HTC Pro 2 camera phone and flush it down the toliet.

Stunning and moving photos.
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